Gran Turismo 7 releases SPEC II 1.40 update

PlayStation has officially announced that “Gran Turismo 7,” developed by Polyphony Digital, will receive its most substantial update since the game’s launch. The free SPEC II 1.40 update is scheduled to go live at 11 PM Pacific Standard Time on November 1, 2023, available for the PlayStation 4 and 5 platforms.

This update will introduce an array of new features, including the pristine “Lake Louise” snow track with three layouts, and seven new car models:

  • SPEC II Opening Movie
  • 7 New Cars
  • New Circuit: Lake Louise with 3 layouts
  • 3 Café / Extra Menus
  • Update to World Circuits
  • Gran Turismo Sophy (AI Driver Agent) with Quick Race (PS5 Only)
  • 50 Challenges added to Licenses
  • Paddock added to Multiplayer Menu
  • 4-Player Split Screen Races (PS5 Only)
  • Features added to Photos / Scapes
  • Updated GT Menu / Dashboard

Moreover, the update brings 50 new challenges to the license center, fresh World Circuit events—including five new regular races and two expert-level competitions—a new “Event Catalog” button, enhancements to the Photo/Scapes mode, and updates to the GT menu and dashboard.

Additionally, there’s an introduction of a four-player split-screen racing mode, along with quick matches against the AI racer “Gran Turismo Sophy,” a groundbreaking initiative crafted in collaboration with Sony AI and Polyphony Digital. However, these two particular updates are exclusive to the PlayStation 5 platform.

Sony’s “Gran Turismo” series, spearheaded by the renowned producer Kazunori Yamauchi, debuted in 1997 and as a PlayStation exclusive, the first title reached the milestone of ten million sales. Subsequent entries in the series have been released across the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP platforms. “Gran Turismo 7,” the latest installment arriving eight years after “Gran Turismo 6” was launched on PlayStation 3, was released on March 4, 2022, and has garnered the prestigious TGA 2022 Best Sports/Racing Game award.