GPD XP PLUS Android handheld will be equipped with Dimensity 1200

Recently, GPD officially released Twitter to announce the new GPD XP PLUS Android handheld and also said that it would replace the processor of the Android handheld. Originally GPD intended to equip the XP PLUS handheld with Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen1 chip, but due to Qualcomm’s high price and restrictive policies, GPD finally chose MediaTek Dimensity 1200 as the core processor of the GPD XP PLUS Android handheld.

It is understood that the Snapdragon G3x Gen1 is a chip developed by Qualcomm for Android handhelds at the end of last year. It enables users to play Android games on handhelds, lets users stream games from consoles or PCs, at the same time, it can also play games through cloud game services, which is the preferred processor for many Android handhelds. Now GPD is forced to replace it with Dimensity 1200 processor due to Qualcomm’s high price and restrictive policies.

As a processor released by MediaTek last year, the Dimensity 1200 adopts TSMC’s 6nm process technology and adopts a 1+3+4 eight-core architecture. One of the super-large cores is Cortex-A78, with a main frequency of 3.0GHz. The processor has a good performance and reputation in the mobile phone market last year. But Dimensity 1200 is a mobile phone processor, after all, not designed for games like Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen1. Perhaps Dimensity 1200 will have some compatibility or performance issues with the GPD XP PLUS Android handheld, which depends on the actual hands-on experience.

As for the configuration information of the GPD XP PLUS Android handheld, it is understood that the product will use LPDDR4-4266 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory for storage. It is equipped with a USB-C interface that supports video transmission, and also supports WiFi6, and fast charging. However, GPD officials have not yet announced the specific launch date and price information of the XP PLUS Android handheld.