Google will open .dev top-level domain registration on Feb 19

.dev top-level domain registration

Google announced that the .dev top-level domain will be open this week (February 19th, US time), and users who want it may wish to pay attention. The specific price is shown below.

In terms of ownership, .dev was previously a private, limited to the top-level domain used by Google. However, Google announced last year that it will open the .dev domain name to the public this year, and plans to invite trademark holders to register domain names related to their trademarks from January 16 to February 19, 2019. From February 19th to 28th, enter the early access phase, allowing ordinary users to register.

As early as 2015, Google paid $25 million and defeated 12 competing companies to capture top-level domain .app from ICANN, setting a record for the domain name. .app is a domain name suffix that many webmasters are eager to have because it can be connected to the application. In May last year, Google officially opened the registration of the .app domain name.

You can get more .dev top-level domain registration info here.