Google releases software update to optimize Pixel 6 fingerprint unlocking

Earlier, Google’s latest Pixel 6 was complained about by users, and the main complaint was that there were various problems with the fingerprint recognition module under the screen.

For example, a user test found that it can be unlocked using other people’s fingerprints, the fingerprint unlocking speed is very slow, and the fingerprint unlocking function completely stops working after power off.

Google said that the slower unlocking speed is because the security algorithm verification takes time, and Google keeps aside other issues and does not admit that its quality control will be so poor.

Pixel 6 fingerprint reader

Google today pushed out-of-band updates to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to improve the performance of the fingerprint sensor under the screen.

Usually, Google releases Android security updates in the middle of every month. Of course, these updates also contain some bug fixes, but this time Google pushes updates in advance.

The update is divided into two versions: SD1A.210817.037 for the global version, and a customized version for the US operator Verizon SD1A.210817.037.A1. In the log, Google said that the current software update has improved the performance of the device’s fingerprint sensor. For users of Pixel 6 series devices, please go to System, Advanced, and System update to upgrade.

Earlier, it was reported that the charging power of the Pixel 6 series was 30W, but after testing, many users found that no device could reach the charging rate of 30W.

Today Google also released a supporting document to confirm this problem. Google said that using the company’s 30W USB-C charger, the Pixel 6 can be charged to 50% within 30 minutes.

According to the usage and temperature of the device, the device will adjust the charging power according to the software algorithm, and the charging power will gradually decrease as the battery is nearly full.

The Pixel 6 Pro with 5000 mAh will take about 110 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, and it will take longer if it is wirelessly charged.

Google confirmed that the maximum wired charging power of Pixel 6 is 21W, while the wired charging power of Pixel 6 Pro is 23W, so it is not the rumored 30W.