Google quietly removed Fuchsia-related coding content from AOSP

Although Google has confirmed that the Fuchsia operating system is applied to the Nest Hub, it has earlier removed the Fuchsia operating system-related coding content from the AOSP project.

remove Armadillo Fuchsia

However, Google may continue the use mode of the original Fuchsia operating system in Android through the “Starnix” project exposed last year. That is, the “Starnix” project, acts as a translation medium between the Linux underlying kernel architecture and Fuchsia’s Zircon kernel architecture so that Linux or Android-related application services can run “natively” in the Fuchsia operating system. If this adjustment is made, it means that the Fuchsia operating system is still related to Android, not just Nest Hub products.
Google has previously stated that it will not replace the existing Android with the Fuchsia operating system, which means that the two operating systems will be provided in a coexisting form in the future. The Fuchsia operating system will obviously be available in a larger-scale IoT device application market. The Android operating system will continue to focus on the development of applications in the current mobile phone, tablet, and vehicle-mounted markets with relatively stable scales, and will also develop more possibilities through the AOSP project.

However, Chris McKillop, the product leader and engineering director of the Fuchsia operating system, has decided to leave Google. Obviously, it has cast a shadow over the future development of this operating system. At present, Google has not disclosed the development direction of this operating system, and the removal of relevant codes from the AOSP project this time has made many people speculate about the future development of this operating system.