Google provides individual language settings in per-app for Android 13

Apple added an app to specify a specific language in the previous iOS system. For example, if the system uses English, you can set Google Maps to a language such as German.

Of course, the premise is that the app itself already supports a specific language. If there are multiple supported languages, the user can directly specify the language for the app in the settings.

The Facebook app also supports language modification, but applications such as Twitter do not support direct language adjustment. Previously, only the system language could be read but now it can also be set separately.

Google also seems to think this is a good feature, so in Android 13 to be launched next year, it also supports setting the language for the app instead of calling the system settings.

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AndroidPolice obtained the news from a reliable source. The source said that the core function of this option is to set the app language and the system language separately.

For example, Google Maps supports many languages, but by default, Google Maps calls the system language cannot be set separately, or modified the system global language.

The new feature allows users to set Google Maps to other languages ​​without modifying the system language. Of course, this actually requires developers to actively adapt.

The advantage for users is that they can directly modify the language of the application in the settings, without having to enter the application one by one to find out whether they support language modification.

At present, if the application does not support direct language modification on the Android system, you can use App Locale 2 and other plug-ins to force the modification.

If Android 13 supports this feature, it will be much easier for users to modify it. Of course, these are just rumors and it is still unclear about the final features of Android 13.