Google proposes Composer For TV design tool to allow developers to bring apps to Google TV faster

Following the recent announcement of the addition of over 800 free channels to enhance the attractiveness of its platform, Google, predictably, unveiled a design tool called Composer for TV during Google I/O 2023. This tool empowers developers to more conveniently transition their app services to the Google TV platform.

Google elucidates that the Composer for TV tool can effortlessly transition existing programming codes, which correspond to Android phone or tablet apps, to the Google TV platform. It also simplifies the process of future version updates.

In addition, Google has released numerous design specifications for apps compatible with the Google TV platform. These specifications enable developers to create apps that align with the user experience of large-screen televisions, rather than merely enlarging the user interface. Furthermore, they have incorporated many design elements that comply with Material You, ensuring a consistent style across Google TV platform apps and those on phones and tablets.

In light of Google’s upcoming plans to expand the Google TV market, the company aims to not only continue enriching the variety of channel content on Google TV to attract more users but also to bring more apps to the Google TV platform, thus fostering a more expansive ecosystem.