September 30, 2020

Google Photos can only store unlimited supported formats

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When Google Photos was launched, it announced that it offers unlimited storage for all users, allowing users to store their own photos and various video files. Today, Google Photos continues to provide unlimited storage for all users, provided that the content stored must be in a format supported by Google Photos.

Google [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The addition of an unsupported format uploaded by Google Photos in this month’s changed terms of use after December 6th will take up a limited amount of free storage space for users.

Google Albums free support storage formats include PNG/JPG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/MP4/AVI/WMV/3GP/MOV/MKV and many other formats. For users, as long as the content uploaded in the above format, Google will still provide free storage for users and does not limit the free storage of capacity.

For Google, although it continues to fulfil its original commitment to provide users with unlimited storage, for some special users, Google is also unpredictable.

These unsupported formats mainly refer to raw videos that have not been compressed, such as image files and video files were taken by some professional devices. This type of uncompressed original video and image is usually very large.

If the user has uploaded a lot of unsupported formats, then it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise, you will not be able to upload any images and videos and so on.

Via: androidpolice