Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Google revealed the Fuchsia OS system at the I/O conference

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The more mysterious Fuchsia OS actually has been mentioned many times before, and it is rumored that the system will merge with other Google systems such as Android. According to outside speculation, Google actually wants to use this new operating system to complete the coverage of the entire device, such as computers, mobile phones, and other devices. This is basically similar to what Microsoft had conceived to make Windows 10 cover all devices, but the rumors are rumored that Google is now publicly denying rumors.

Fuchsia support AMD

Google executives said the new system is not ready to replace Android:

We are researching the functionality of the new operating system and we know that the outside world is very interesting to the system, for example, some people think this is the new Android system. But in fact, this new system is really not Android or replace Android, we just hope that FuchsiaOS can promote the most advanced system technology. These advanced technologies are then integrated into other Google products, but Fuchsia OS may also be optimized for different devices. We are also testing dedicated devices that may be equipped with FuchsiaOS, and of course, everyone thinks the system is suitable for mobile phones but it can do more.

The vice president of Android engineering said:

The Android team is actually working with the FuchsiaOS team to allow some of the components or features on the system to directly support Android. For example, we have an ANGLE driver in the Android Q version. This driver is the mainline module and will soon complete OpenGL ES3.0. But in fact, this driver was developed with Fuchsia OS because the new system uses Vulkan for graphical processing at the basic level. What we care about is having the skills to transfer, so that some functions or components can be ported and succeeded in different products. Our view of FuchsiaOS is mainly about the cooperation between our teams.

Fuchsia OS relate date

Although Google has now publicly disclosed some of the information about the new system, it will take more time for the development of the FuchsiaOS system for Google. Therefore, it is estimated that it is unlikely to be able to see devices equipped with FuchsiaOS in the short term, and the Android system will continue to be updated without being replaced by the new system. In the next few years, perhaps we can see the proprietary devices equipped with FuchsiaOS in Google. It is not known whether it is a mobile phone or a computer.

Via: 9to5google