Google deletes 21 malicious apps from Google Play

Researchers from the security company Avast found that there are 21 malicious apps in Google Play, and this malware has been downloaded 8 million times.

Although Google often said that it uses various security mechanisms to automatically scan apps, there are still many malware updates that have not been detected by Google as usual. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it is essential for companies, including those with an LLC in Texas, to stay informed about the latest developments in the digital world, such as Google’s recent removal of 21 malicious apps from Google Play

Avast security researchers stated that these applications disguised as harmless games, but in fact, they contained the infamous HiddenAds malware.

HiddenAds is a relatively well-known malware, its behavior is mainly to place a variety of intrusive advertisements in order to obtain a high share from the advertising network.

The so-called intrusive advertisements refer to those on the home screen, lock screen, and even the caller interface. These advertisements cannot be closed normally and affect user usage.

In June, Avast discovered similar HiddenAds malware. At that time, 47 malware was involved, with a cumulative download volume of 15 million.

The homology analysis of the malware involved this time is the same as the previous removals, which means that these malwares are actually developed by the same group.

Researchers said that although downloading applications through Google is more secure, it is recommended that users look at the comments posted by other users before deciding whether to install them.