Google Chrome will also add error codes like Microsoft Blue Screen of Death

The probability of Google Chrome crashing since 2017 has increased, and the crashes in 2018 and 2019 have started to increase significantly. Part of the specific cause of the crash was related to the Intel Meltdown and Spectre series vulnerabilities, and Google deployed related defenses in the browser-based on security considerations. At the same time, Google Chrome also adjusted the sandbox technology to isolate the processes of different pages to prevent malicious websites created by attackers from stealing data from other processes through memory. Google officials have not revealed why the probability of a crash will increase significantly. Although Google has tried many times to fix it, the effect is not very good.

Error codes are marked when a blue screen of death appears in Microsoft Windows operating system, and users can search for potential solutions based on the error codes. Interestingly, in response to the frequent crash of Google Chrome, Microsoft engineers even proposed to use error codes, which can help users and developers to troubleshoot. Of course, Microsoft engineers proposed this improvement in the Chromium project, so other browsers using this project besides Google Chrome can also support it.

At present, Microsoft and Google engineers have prepared 137 error codes, and each error code represents a specific error type and has a description. Of course, there is no direct error description on the browser error page, but users can find the specific error cause in the Chromium project according to the error code. When users are unable to solve such problems, error codes can be fed back to software developers, and development engineers can collect crash causes based on the error codes.