Google Chrome vs Firefox Quantum

Google Chrome vs Firefox Quantum: Which is faster?


One of the interesting features of the Firefox web browser is that it runs all the tabs you want. However, it hit a fierce rival Google’s Chrome browser.

Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has become the preferred browser for many users. This was a previous glory for Firefox, but over time, Firefox has replaced Firefox in some ways due to the speed and extreme bloat of Firefox.

The release of Firefox quantum is to reverse this situation. Its biggest strength is its speed, and Firefox claims it runs twice as fast as some browsers.

We decided to test it with an Intel Core i5 2500k processor and an 8GB memory desktop PC and recorded our test video on the MacBook Air.

Each web browser is tested with default settings, no extensions or attachments. Neither browser has an ad blocker nor any feature downloaded for both browsers. Browsing history, cache, and cookies are also cleared in advance. Three times per test.

Test Ares-6

Ares-6 measures the speed at which browsers run Javascript functions, including some math functions. You can click here to see the details.

A lower score means faster operation.

As you can see, Chrome is faster than Firefox when it comes to working with complex Javascript functions.

Winner: Google Chrome

JetStream test

JetStream 1.1 Test Browser The ability to run advanced web applications. It can be tested including 3D cube rotation, integer math operations, and library parsing. Click here to view the complete list.

The higher the score the better the browser.

This time, Firefox is more than Chrome, but not too much. This should be the case for JetStream, which is more suitable for “advanced workloads and programming techniques.”

Winner: Firefox Quantum

Speedometer test

The Speedometer simulates the user’s actions on the web application (specifically, adding items to the to-do list) and measuring how much time they spend. Test here.

The higher the score the better the browser.

Winner: Google Chrome

Chrome is still the winner

Unfortunately for Mozilla, Chrome still looks the leader, at least for now.

But in fact, the quantum browser is not a piece of metal. This is a powerful, fast browser with innovative bookmarks and a library full of creative plugins. Mozilla developers are likely to catch up with Chrome after improving Quantum over the next few months.

Reference: mashable

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