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Mozilla Firefox 57 official released


Mozilla Firefox 57 browser release, and officially named Firefox QuantumThe brand also includes a new logo. Mozilla says the engine is important in the browser. That’s why Mozilla is releasing a brand new Firefox, a completely re-invented modern engine. Since Firefox 57 does not really convey the changes we made, and this new Firefox browser is much faster, it is called Firefox Quantum.

Mozilla says the Firefox Quantum browser is twice as fast as Firefox 52. It is able to use the Rust language to rebuild the components to improve the speed of the browser, these components are now more efficient. The Firefox history version runs only on a single CPU core, but in Quantum and later it will take advantage of multiple CPU cores to make the browser faster.

By using the new CSS engine written by Rust, Firefox can use multiple CPUs in parallel to shorten the load time, and Mozilla claims that no other browser can do this. To further improve the speed, Mozilla will be the user to open the tab in the first place, and the use of multi-process architecture. Firefox Quantum on some sites open faster than Chrome while using the memory by 30%. The team also fixed 468 browser problems, which could lead to a rise in speed.

In order to attract users, Mozilla has said that at least let users experience the Firefox 57 for competitors, such as through the next generation of browser engine Project Quantum to speed up the browser. Firefox 57 will also have a new user interface, improved settings panel, the new expansion API.

Project Quantum delivers faster and smoother performance with the latest threading technology, which is said to be twice as fast as Firefox 52, with additional support for ARM V9 hardware video based on Firefox 54 multithreading and Firefox 55 hardware acceleration Decoding support, you can reduce the power consumption when the video playback.

Also note that in Firefox 57, the address bar and search bar are merged by default, and some plugins may be temporarily unavailable due to discontinued support for non-WebExtensions API extensions.

Before you download Note: Since most of the browser extensions have not been updated for Firefox 57.


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