Google Chrome v62 for Android: download the file faster

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After landing on the desktop and iOS, Google today announced the official release of Chrome 62, in the next few weeks will visit the Android platform, in the core components of the enhanced while bringing a lot of new expectations. Last week, for the Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux operating system desktop side Chrome 62 official release. Although the update is not very large, the biggest adjustment is to adopt a more positive way to remind users of the current visit to the page is not safe HTTP connection, in addition to the introduction of the OpenType Variable Fonts support.


The Chrome 62 browser for the iOS platform brings the new Payment Request API to improve the network information API by deploying a network quality indicator and adds the use of Media Capture to invoke HTMLMediaElements from the DOM element API to capture and process multimedia transmissions ability.

In the Chrome 62 version of the Android device update today, a faster file download is introduced and the saved Chrome password is viewed and copied while the device is locked, and can be viewed quickly when the Data Saver is active Saved data.

Estelle Yomba wrote in today’s statement: “The good news. Android side Chrome 62 (62.0.3202.66) has been officially released, the next few weeks will be landing Google Play. This release contains performance and stability fix, Added some features. ”

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