Android 8.1 developer preview release, optimized memory support

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This morning, Google launched Android 8.1 first developer preview, which includes upgrades optimized for multiple features, including Android Go (running less than or equal to 1 GB) and accelerating machine learning on the device The new neural network API (Neural Networks API). But also based on Oreo users and developers feedback to make the corresponding local optimization. The official version of Android 8.1 is expected to be released in December.

Android 8.1 brings the latest platform optimization, bug fixes, and security patches, along with new features and new developer APIs (API level 27). include:

  • Android Go memory optimization and support – Android 8.1 contains a series of optimized for Android Go (1GB or less of running memory) memory: we have added some hardware feature constants to help developers for general configuration or low memory Android 8.1 The APK is effectively split when the device is distributed.
  • Neural Network API: As part of the introduction of the machine learning program to Android, we added the neural network API through NDK. It enables hardware inverting inference on the device. We designed a neural network API for a functional layer of the machine learning framework, such as TensorFlow Lite – Google will be launching a cross-platform machine learning framework for mobile devices, as well as other APIs such as Caffe2. Please look forward to the announcement of TensorFlow Lite.
  • Autofill Upgrade: We have been working to extend the Autofill framework to improve the key management and other Autofill service experience. In this upgrade, we handled some requests from the developer and added some features and API. For example, the addition of the Autofill service in the management of saving (Save) dialog box flexibility: support customization dialog box, manage the text within the dialog box, you can verify the program to determine whether to display text. At the same time, Service can also use setAutofillOptions to simplify the credit card expiration date settings.
  • Shared Memory API: This new API allows the app to allocate shared memory and read the shared data more quickly. An app can create and map anonymous shared content through this API while protecting it. The API is friendly to the AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) while supporting custom serialization, and has some useful features such as removing write permissions.

For more development of new features, please refer to the Android 8.1 version of the API reference documentation that contains the difference report and the upgraded documentation.


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