Google Chrome tab group feature will be available next week

Google announced that after 19 months of development, it plans to launch the “tab group” feature in the stable version of Chrome released next week. This feature will be available on all supported desktop platforms (including Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems), and the Android version of Chrome has not yet obtained this feature.

According to reports, the tab group is a set of advanced new features for managing Chrome tabs, which can help users systematically manage tabs. Users only need to click the right mouse button to group tabs together and mark them with custom names and colors. After grouping the tabs together, the user can move them on the tab bar and reorder them.

Chrome User Experience Engineer, Edward Jung explained in the announcement: 

We’ve been testing out tab groups for several months now (as have some of you), and we’re finding new ways to stay organized. Through our own usage and early user research, we’ve found that some people like to group their Chrome tabs by topic. For instance, it helps if you’re working on several projects, or looking through multiple shopping and review sites. 

In the next few weeks, tab groups are also likely to enter other Chromium-based browsers. Currently, the tab group feature can be previewed in the latest version of Google Chrome Beta.