Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Google Chrome notifies to remind users that Adobe Flash Player will stop supporting

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Adobe Flash Player plugin will stop supporting in 2020, and now it is less than two years away from stopping support. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of websites based on this player, these websites may not switch media components for various reasons. Even so, Google Chrome has already restricted the site from calling the player, so now users must manually enable it to play the content normally. By the time the support is stopped, Google Chrome will completely ban the player from running, and the media based on this plugin will not be able to play on Google Chrome.

Image: chromium

It is well known that the plug-in often has very serious vulnerabilities that can cause security problems. The security problems that exist after stopping support will also grow. In order to minimize the impact of stopping support, Google Chrome has also begun to pop up the window to remind users, but it is not clear how much the effect of this pop-up window can be.

According to statistics quoted by Google’s official blog in July 2017, the usage rate of Adobe Flash Player on the website is about 17% and continues to decline. The ability to quickly drop is mainly because Google Chrome prevents the site from loading the Adobe Flash Player plugin by default, which has a big impact on the site. According to W3Techs’ May 2019 statistics, the usage of Adobe Flash Player on the website has dropped to 3.5% and continues to decline.