Google Chrome for Android will data-saving Lite mode feature

The data saving function is a built-in function of most mobile browsers. It mainly reduces data consumption through data compression to help users save data and data costs. In the Nokia era, the OPERA browser was the most famous stream-saving browser. Later, when Google Chrome launched the Android version, it also added a data-saving Lite mode feature. However, the data-saving function may become a thing of the past. With the coverage of broadband and wireless networks and the reduction of data costs, Google has decided to remove the data-saving Lite mode function.

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Google released a product announcement saying that Google Chrome for Android is expected to be upgraded to version v100 on March 29, when the built-in data-saving feature will disappear. As for why it removed the feature, Google’s explanation is that the main reason is the falling cost of cellular data plans and many other improvements to Google Chrome. The falling cost of cellular data plans allows users to get more data at a lower price, while other Google improvements and optimizations can reduce data usage. Therefore, Google believes that the data-saving feature is no longer suitable for the moment, so it will remove this feature from the Android version. The iOS version also supported it before, but it seems to have been deleted long ago. Google says it remains committed to “ensuring Chrome can deliver a fast webpage loading experience on mobile.”

Via: androidcentral