September 27, 2020

Google Chrome began to let Google users choose search engines

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Earlier this year, Google’s antitrust case on Android lost in Russia. As part of a settlement with the country’s antitrust agency FAS, the US technology giant has changed its Chrome application, and the Chrome application prompts the user to choose the default search engine at the first start.


In a blog post, the Russian search engine Yandex described the change as “a huge milestone” and said it had worked hard for a long time. Google is Yandex’s biggest rival in Russia, which holds 55% of the market share, Google accounts for 40% market share.

“As one of the largest Internet companies in Europe, Yandex is also Russia’s leading provider of search and mobile applications, and the platform is critical to Yandex, and we are delighted that Russian consumers can now easily choose from their Android devices,” Yandex said. Search engine.”