September 27, 2020

Android 8.0 stream system update,no space can still work

1 min read

Installation of system space consumption of the system update may make you tortured, hesitated do not know which files or applications should be deleted. Now, Android 8.0 introduced stream operating system update will be able to space in the case of mobile phones continue to update the work. Since Android 7.0, Google introduced a new feature called Seamless Update, a dual system partitioning scheme – called System Part A and System B Partition.

When installing an update, your phone is using an online system partition A that will be applied to the offline system B partition in the background and then quickly restart the application update, and the device will switch from system A partition to the updated system Part B. Android 8.0 stream system update simplifies this process, update the data will be downloaded directly from the Internet to the offline system partition, by block write. The system no longer needs 1GB of free space, only about 100KB of space for metadata.