Google Chrome announces to support HTTP/3 and IETF QUIC protocol

Google Chrome has announced the deployment of HTTP/3 and IETFQUIC protocols. Now, this open-source browser already supports these protocols to improve loading speed.

Of course, the HTTP/3 version of the hypertext transfer protocol has not been officially finalized and released, and in some sense, the HTTP/3 protocol is actually IETF QUIC.

QUIC was originally a Google-led network protocol for transmission via the UDP protocol. In 2018, the IETF decided to develop the HTTP/3 version of the protocol based on the QUIC protocol.

Google Chrome 70

What needs to be emphasized here is that the IETF QUIC and Google QUIC protocols are not the same, so here can not be abbreviated directly as QUIC but called IETF QUIC.

Although it has not been finalized, the general content is unlikely to change, so Google Chrome has also begun to support these agreements and push them to some users for testing.

According to the Google Chrome team, 25% of Google Chrome v86 users will receive the test, and the remaining users may have to wait.

After the test is completed, Google Chrome will extend the new protocol support to all users to speed up the loading speed of user terminals to access certain supported websites.

Google recommends that users upgrade their browsers to the latest version because using the old version will not support these protocols in the future, which may affect the best user experience.