Google Chrome again extends support for Windows 7

Microsoft has ended Windows 7’s extended security support on January 14, 2020, which means that Windows 7 can no longer receive any security updates.

It is also true that the support cycle of Google Chrome for Windows 7 is also January 14, 2020, but later due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, Google decided to extend the support.

Seeing that the extended support period is about to expire, Google recently announced that Google Chrome will extend support for Windows 7 for another year until early 2023. That is, users who are still using the old system can continue to use Google Chrome and get security updates.

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After the extended security support ends in 2020, Microsoft will start the paid extended support for Windows 7. Enterprises can get up to 3 years of security support by paying.

The end of paid extension support is January 10, 2023. Microsoft has announced earlier that it will not extend this date, even if companies want to pay.

So Microsoft’s own browser support cycle for Windows 7 is in early 2023, and now Google Chrome has also decided to synchronize Microsoft’s paid extension support.

In terms of other browsers, Firefox has not yet decided when to stop supporting the old system, but Firefox may have a slightly longer support period than Google and Microsoft.

Via: ghacks