Google Chrome 83 now supports DNS-over-HTTPS

Earlier in we have mentioned that Microsoft updated Windows 10 beta to bring DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) support, this feature is designed to ensure privacy and security through encrypted DNS queries.

The traditional DNS domain name resolution system was designed 35 years ago, so with the development of the Internet, this traditional infrastructure has become less suitable for security needs.

When a user visits any website, the requested information will pass the operator in clear text, so the network operator has the ability to spy on the user’s privacy based on the query information.

Image: chromium

To solve this problem, the industry introduced DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS services. After encryption, operators can no longer directly obtain user browsing records.

In the latest Google Chrome 83, Google has integrated DoH encrypted queries in the experimental options for testing. For interested users, you can manually open the experimental option to use the encrypted query service. After opening, all requests made by Google Chrome will be encrypted.

Like Microsoft and Firefox, Google also recommends mainstream encrypted DNS servers, and users can choose directly from the settings list. Google Chrome’s built-in recommended encrypted DNS servers include: IBM’s Quad9, CloudFlare, CleanBrowsing, and Google’s own DNS.

Of course, Google also allows users to set up any supported encrypted DNS server by themselves. If it is customized, users need to fill in the DNS address by themselves. On Google Chrome v83, you open chrome://flags/#dns-over-https and switch this option from the default Default to Enabled to save.

After saving, follow the prompts to restart Google Chrome. After restarting, go to the privacy settings and security settings of Google Chrome, and then check the advanced settings at the bottom.

Users need to click to use custom and then select the encrypted DNS server recommended by Google in the list. Of course, you can also click Custom to enter the DNS address manually.