Fri. May 29th, 2020

Sony PS5 will run 100 times faster than PS4

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At the recent company strategy conference, Sony announced the launch of Playstation 5’s first game lineup while also mentioning the difference in the speed of Playstation 5 compared to Playstation 4.

Sony said that its company’s upcoming next-generation game console Playstation 5 is equipped with a customized solid-state drive, and its data processing speed is 100 times faster than that of Playstation 4.

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“For example, through a custom‐designed high‐speed SSD, we plan to realize game data processing speeds that are approximately 100 times faster than PS4.”

Sony has publicly advertised the high-speed solid-state drive on Playstation 5 more than once. Previously, they used Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 to run the same game. At that time, many console players were shocked by the extremely fast data processing speed of Playstation 5 because of the solid-state drive.

Recently Epic said that Playstation 5 equipped with a customized high-speed solid-state drive is the fastest game console used to develop the Unreal 5 engine so far, but they also said that the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 perform well with the Unreal 5 engine.