Google builds Google Cloud regional service in South Africa

Last year, Google announced to invest $1 billion in Africa and build a submarine cable connecting Africa, thereby increasing the network transmission bandwidth in Africa, and will also provide low-interest rate loan services to small businesses. After assisting the development of more new African industries, Google announced the establishment of the first Google Cloud regional service in South Africa, and also caught up with the footsteps of Microsoft and AWS in setting up cloud platform services in Africa.

Since the Google Cloud regional service is set up in South Africa, it means that operators and developers in Africa can use Google Cloud services more closely. There is no need to connect and access Google Cloud service platform resources located in other countries and regions, so as to provide more complete cloud services in Africa and help more African companies and developers carry out digital transformation.

At present, Google has established Google Cloud regional services in 35 countries and regions around the world and provides access to Google Cloud services through network connections in 103 countries and regions. The establishment of Google Cloud regional services in South Africa this time also symbolizes catching up with cloud service providers such as Microsoft and AWS, allowing African operators to set up cloud services nearby, without the need to connect and use Google Cloud service resources provided by other countries and regions.

Google expects that by 2025, the output value driven by the Internet in Africa will reach about 180 billion US dollars. At the same time, the company also believes that there is many of innovation and development momentum in Africa, so the local Google Cloud regional service will further promote the development of the Internet industry in Africa, and also meet the privacy and data management regulations of various countries in Africa.