Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Google began testing the use of P2P network sharing to install applications offline

1 min read

Considering the poor network coverage and high traffic rates in some developing countries, Google is helping users install applications offline through P2P sharing technology.

P2P sharing users on the LAN can quickly get the application installation package, which can reduce user download time and cost of traffic.

Of course, for security reasons, only applications with valid digital signatures can be shared by P2P, and Google will also ensure security through networked authentication.

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For developers, the new P2P sharing helps spread the application, and developers don’t need to make any technical improvements to access the feature easily.

In foreign countries, relying on the Google App Store to download various applications, Google provides downloads but does not offer installation packages, so users are not convenient to transfer.

The new P2P share is based on a quick update on the Google App Store, and Google’s networked verification can also improve security against poisoned apps.

This new initiative is still undergoing early testing, so only a few applications support P2P sharing, and subsequent official releases will support the application.

The only requirement is that developers must sign the application because Google relies on signatures and network checks to ensure that the application is not tampered with.