Google adds an updated description page for the chatbot Bard to improve its use transparency

In order to emphasize the transparency of its artificial intelligence development, Google recently added an update description page for its forthcoming chatbot, “Bard,” allowing users to more easily comprehend the intricacies of the service’s related updates.

In the update descriptions, Google clarifies the alterations made in each update with a focus on “what” and “why,” as well as the intentions behind these adjustments, enabling users to more readily grasp the differences and objectives between updates.

Google Bard update

In the April 10th release, the purpose of establishing this update page is mentioned first, explaining that it will be used to communicate the changes and vulnerability fixes in each update. Upon clicking “Google It,” additional recommended content will appear. Moreover, it elucidates that mathematical and logical reasoning abilities of “Bard” have been amended and improved. It emphasizes that the answers provided by “Bard” may not necessarily be accurate, but Google will continue to refine them.

The creation of such an update description page primarily responds to Google’s previous statement to make AI technology applications more transparent, alleviating users’ concerns or apprehensions regarding this type of technology.

Currently, “Bard” is only available for select users in the United States and the United Kingdom for preliminary testing. It is expected to be accessible to all users following Google I/O 2023, but it may still be limited to users within the United States and other regions for testing. A global release for users worldwide may occur at a later date.