GIGABYTE launches AORUS Z790 X-series motherboards

Gigabyte has unveiled the AORUS Z790 X series motherboards, presenting a formidable platform for the newly launched 14th-generation Intel Core desktop processors. Spanning from the zenith of flagship models to more modest, entry-level offerings, the AORUS Z790 X series has been meticulously optimized for the latest processors and high-frequency DDR5 memory. It comes imbued with an array of innovative features, tailored to satiate the diverse predilections of gamers, making it an exemplary choice for both gaming aficionados and seasoned professionals.

The AORUS Z790 X motherboards are adorned with cutting-edge memory enhancement technologies, ensuring impeccable compatibility and stellar performance for DDR5. With XMP enabled, they can seamlessly support frequencies surpassing DDR5-8266. Moreover, Gigabyte offers gamers an eclectic array of DDR5 auto-overclocking functionalities within the BIOS, including tools such as DDR5 XMP Booster, high bandwidth, and low latency optimizations. These utilities empower users to effortlessly elevate memory speeds, thereby bolstering the overarching system performance.

To elevate the DIY experience for enthusiasts, the Gigabyte AORUS Z790 X series introduces several user-centric conveniences. Notably, the revamped EZ-Latch design ensures the facile installation of graphics cards, M.2 SSDs, and thermal armor. The overhauled UC BIOS, with its user-centric UI/UX design, ensures that users can swiftly navigate to desired functionalities, further complemented by an array of customization options and an enriched user experience. In collaboration with the renowned hardware monitoring software, HWiNFO, distinctive features have been developed that not only enable the precise reading of memory parameters but also facilitate superior system tuning. Through the specialized PerfDrive technology, a harmonious balance is struck between performance, power consumption, and thermal metrics, thus bestowing the system with unparalleled prowess.