Gigabyte is currently testing 4x48GB DDR5-6000 memory on the X670 platform and may soon offer an updated BIOS

Prior reports suggest that AMD is preparing AGESA microcode for a new BIOS, allowing manufacturers to provide firmware updates that support DDR5 memory with a single module capacity of 24GB and 48GB. The update is expected to be available for download in April. Recently, ASUS released an early BIOS update for their X670/B650 motherboards, including eight X670 and one B650 motherboard in the ROG Strix, Crosshair, and Creator series. The update allows for single module capacity support for 24GB and 48GB of DDR5 memory.

Gigabyte has also showcased its X670 platform on Coolaler, testing 4x48GB DDR5-6000 memory with a maximum capacity of 192GB, achieving a higher clock than ASUS and AMD’s proclaimed spot. 6000MHz is an ideal speed for high-end AMD players requiring large memory capacity.

It is believed that Gigabyte will soon bring a new BIOS update to AMD 600-series motherboards, allowing for support of non-power-of-two increasing single modules of 24GB and 48GB of DDR5 memory. Similar to Intel’s 600/700-series motherboards, motherboards with four DIMMs will have their maximum memory capacity increased from 128GB to 192GB, and motherboards with two DIMMs will have their maximum memory capacity increased from 64GB to 96GB.

Currently, there are few manufacturers offering single module capacities of 24GB and 48GB of DDR5 memory, including Corsair, G.Skill, and Kingston. Corsair’s Vengeance series with 48GB and 96GB kits, which are RGB and non-RGB, with a clock of 5600MHz, have already entered the retail market and support Intel XMP 3.0 technology. Recently, G.Skill released a top-of-the-line DDR5-8000 CL38 48GB (24GB x2) kit as part of their Trident Z5 RGB Trident series. However, these memory modules are not inexpensive.