Intel has launched its all-new 13th generation Core vPro platform

Today, Intel unveiled its all-new Intel vPro platform based on the entire 13th generation Intel Core processors. Designed specifically for enterprises, Intel vPro satisfies the ever-changing needs of businesses by providing comprehensive security, hardware upgrades for PC replacements, and increased productivity for employees.

The new vPro platform utilizes a high-performance hybrid architecture based on the 13th generation Core processors, with new P-Core and more E-Core for high-end desktop and mobile HX platforms. Through Intel’s hardware thread scheduler, the platform intelligently classifies tasks, while the Intel dynamic tuning technology improves energy efficiency. Optimized for modern commercial computing, vPro devices are equipped with advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E, and Thunderbolt 4, and are certified with Intel Evo, bringing an exceptional experience for intelligent collaboration.

The new Intel vPro platform boasts numerous security features built into the chip, providing protection against key threats. Compared to old PCs used for four years, the platform can reduce the attack surface by approximately 70% through protection.

Image: Intel

The new IT-initiated memory encryption can enhance virtualized security performance in Windows to allow customers to have more endpoint detection and response vendor choices through Intel threat detection technology. As one of the few commercial platforms with all these features and built-in hardware security protection, Intel vPro can detect ransomware and software supply chain attacks, providing more comprehensive security protection.

According to IDC’s report, the Intel vPro platform is 26% less vulnerable to significant security vulnerabilities than traditional PCs. Moreover, for security teams, efficiency can be increased by 17%, while severe security incidents can be reduced by 21%.

SIPP, Stable IT Platform Program, is also one of the essential features of the vPro enterprise platform. It ensures stability throughout the entire lifecycle process from hardware to BIOS to Framware. The maintenance and operating costs of SIPP for the entire 5-year lifecycle of a PC can be reduced by approximately 14%. From the perspective of productivity, security, and performance, the overall cost savings of SIPP can be reduced by 22%. Adopting vPro’s SIPP during the deployment process of new machines, it can speed up deployment by 15%.

Intel vPro models based on the 13th generation Intel Core have significantly improved performance. Compared to three-year-old desktops, Windows software performance has increased by 65%. When executing multitasking for content creation, the speed has increased by 45% compared to current AMD desktops. Compared to three-year-old mobile PCs, Windows software performance has increased by 2.3 times. Compared to current AMD notebooks, Windows software performance has increased by 40%. Compared to Apple M2, commercial software performance has increased by 25%. When generating reports during collaboration, the speed has increased by 58% compared to current AMD laptops.

In testing using real-world workflow scenarios, which simulate data analyst collaboration workflows, laptops equipped with the Core i7-1370P are 58% faster than their competitors using the Ryzen 7 6850U processor. Compared to laptops equipped with the Core i7-10610U processor from three years ago, the speed is 2.8 times faster.

The desktop platform simulates the workflow of content creators. In this scenario, the Core i9-13900 is 45% faster than its competitor Ryzen 9 7900, and 2.3 times faster than the Core i9-10900 from three years ago.

This year, the vPro commercial devices will expand further. Partners such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Samsung will provide over 170 related laptops, desktops, and entry-level workstations.