General Motors plans to use ChatGPT in vehicles

ChatGPT possesses a remarkable function, in which it can be given specific data to learn so that when questions are asked, it can respond with the learned content. Thus, General Motors (GM) plans to collaborate with Microsoft to create an AI-powered Q&A platform for the GM brand using Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing services. This platform will enable users to ask questions directly and receive answers about specific content without the need to consult a user manual.

General Motors intends to utilize ChatGPT as a replacement for traditional user manuals, which users can interact with through voice commands, given that typing on a keyboard is not feasible while driving. Similar to other voice assistants, ChatGPT will read out the content to users in response to their voice commands.

General Motors ChatGPT

GM states that this transition represents more than just a shift to voice commands, but rather means that customers can expect to experience more advanced technologies in the future. GM’s brands, which include Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC, will gradually incorporate AI technology into some of their vehicle models to provide customers with more convenient services.

As the first automaker to publicly announce plans to integrate ChatGPT-related services, General Motors has yet to reveal many details and will hold promotional events to introduce these changes in the future.

Via: Reuters