GeIL DDR5 memory has been on sale at Newegg, OCPC also introduced new DDR5 memory

DDR5 memory, as an iterative product of DDR4 memory, will start from DDR5-4800 in accordance with the standards set by JEDEC, and Intel’s Alder Lake will be the first consumer platform to support DDR5 memory. Although there is still some time to wait for Intel’s 12th generation Core series processors, the major memory manufacturers have long been eager to show their new DDR5 memory, and even start to sell it first.

Recently, GeIL Polaris RGB SYNC 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR5 SDRAM DDR5 4800 (PC5 38400) desktop memory model has been on sale on Newegg. The price of the 32GB set is $349.99. Polaris RGB series DDR5 memory has three different colors, namely black, white and red. The top is equipped with RGB light strips.

According to reports, GeIL Polaris RGB series DDR5-4800 memory complies with JEDEC’s DDR5-4800 specification (PC5 38400), and the timing is CL40. It is understood that Jinbang Polaris RGB series DDR5 memory will also provide single and larger capacity packages, such as 64GB packages (most likely 32GB x2). In the future, there will be a higher frequency overclocked version (DDR5-6000/6400/6800/7200) for extreme players and enthusiasts to buy.

In addition, another memory manufacturer OCPC has recently listed its new DDR5 memory, including Pista and Xtreme series. Both series will follow the standards set by JEDEC. They are both DDR5-4800, with a voltage of 1.1V, and 16GB (8GB x2) and 32GB packages (16GB x2) are available. The price and time to market are unknown.