Galaxy S22 series sold over one million in South Korea

Although the global sales of the Galaxy S22 series have declined due to performance issues, Samsung’s flagship models still have very good sales in the country. According to The Korea Times, sales of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra in South Korea have exceeded 900,000 units since April and will break the 1 million mark by this week. Samsung released the Galaxy S22 series on February 25 this year.

Samsung Galaxy S22

It is reported that the Galaxy S22 series has a high-profile performance in the Korean domestic market, mainly from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and a single model has reached sales of 500,000 units. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus are only minor upgrades compared to the previous generation, and in some cases, even downgrades in some users’ eyes, making the Galaxy S22 Ultra the savior for the Galaxy S22 series. Another reason for the strong sales of the Galaxy S22 series is that many telecom operators have provided substantial subsidies to attract consumers’ attention while mitigating the negative impact of GOS services.

The Galaxy S22 series passed the million mark two weeks earlier than last year’s Galaxy S21 series, and a month and a half earlier than the hugely popular Galaxy S10 series in 2019. Samsung said the Galaxy S22 series performed well in overseas markets, with sales up 70 percent compared to last year’s models, though Samsung did not provide specific sales figures.

For Samsung, the ability to stabilize sales in its home market and dominant markets is the key to confronting rivals such as Apple.