Foxconn will start its electric vehicle business in North America in 2023

In recent years, the development of electric vehicles can be described as rapid. Various Internet car companies have sprung up.

Compared with traditional car companies, Internet car companies headed by Tesla are generally considered to be more knowledgeable about human-vehicle interaction and driving experience. Therefore, even if they are not as good as traditional car companies in terms of core technology, Internet car companies can be accepted by consumers.

As a technology giant, Apple was reported several years ago that it was developing an “iCar” electric car internally, although the name was changed to “Apple Car” following the new product naming rules.

However, what is puzzling is that Apple has always been silent on the matter of building a car, and resolutely does not say whether it wants to build a car. However, at the beginning of this year, many Korean media revealed that Apple is actively negotiating with South Korean automobile company Kia on car manufacturing.

Foxconn electric vehicle

“El nuevo iPhone 7 ya ha comenzado su producción en Foxconn” by iphonedigital is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kia then came out to refute the rumors that they did not discuss matters related to the joint development of electric vehicles with Apple. After that, Korean media saying that Apple might cooperate with Kia on the manufacturing of electric scooters.

Today, Foxconn, known for its foundry for Apple’s iPhone, announced that it plans to start manufacturing electric vehicles in North America in 2023. It is currently in the selection phase and is expected to build a plant in the United States or Mexico.

Naturally, Foxconn was asked by the media whether the decision was related to Apple, and Foxconn CEO simply responded that Apple cars are still a rumor.

We are trying to look for ideal products for our Wisconsin plants. Recently we found that maybe electric cars might be good products to make in the U.S.,” Liu told a media gathering with the Taipei Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Taipei. “The location is also close to the traditional automotive supply chain.

Via: nikkei