September 21, 2020


3 min read

Every online retailer knows that keeping up with the demands of the online vending industry can be overwhelming sometimes. For starters, you have to deal with tighter margins, despite the daily influx of new retailers while you are still doing your best to compete against established firms or businesses.

Many online retailers, including the successful ones, rely on the use of big data to maintain their competitiveness and increase the sales of their services or products. Hence, you can look at big data as a super-valuable commodity in the online commerce world.

In this post, we will take a quick look at five significant ways online retailers can benefit from the use of big data.

  1. EASY AND PRECISE MARKET PREDICTION: One of the most obvious traits of the online retailing sector is that it is highly competitive. Despite the number of potential consumers on the internet, every online retail business needs effective strategies that will make them stand out in this highly competitive environment. This is where huge data comes in. With huge data, online stores can make precise assessments and predictions of market trends. It also helps them assess purchase patterns and study the activities of consumers. This helps them make effective decisions based on their understanding  of the desires of consumers. Visit this link to learn more.
  2. USING HUGE CLTV TO IDENTIFY, ATTRACT, AND KEEP CUSTOMERS: The term “CLTV” is an acronym for “customer lifetime value”. It is no secret that businesses survive by building effective strategies to entice customers. However, marketing and sales teams most also strategize ways of attracting customers that can offer huge customer lifetime value. The budget for CLTV in the CAC (cost of customer acquisition) must be significantly higher than other budgets in that category. The aim is to ensure that big spenders make up the majority of your customers database. Online stores can use huge consumer data to identify, attract, and keep big spenders.
  3. ENHANCING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN: Experts see big data as an indispensable technology in the management of their supply chain. It helps prepare the foundation for online vending businesses in the practices and procedures of the supply chain in the long run. Supply chain businesses can access the tools and platforms they need to develop effective strategies from various sources using big data.
  4. CARRYING OUT SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: The opinion people have about your business brand and the services or products you offer matters a lot. Online stores cannot undermine the significance of customers’ reviews. Using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI alongside big data helps make sentiment analysis accurate. Businesses can analyze the opinion and emotions of consumers towards a specific product, service, or brand and adjust their strategies to acquire positive customer reviews.
  5. FRAUD DETECTION: According to reports, more than $4 trillion is lost annually to fraud by businesses around the world. Big data helps businesses identify a fraudster, saving the online retail business from losing money to one.

In conclusion, the benefits above highlight the need for big data in the online retail industry and the benefits it has to offer.