Firefox will display the sponsored website at the new tab page

At present, most browsers are commercialized with the help of website navigation and search engine diversion. Of course, some browsers still rely on non-stop pop-up advertising.

The Firefox browser, which is in a slightly difficult situation, is currently exploring the monetization of the website. When the user opens the new tab page of the Firefox browser, the sponsor website is displayed first.

Mozilla is currently conducting tests for a very small number of users. As a result, some users submitted it as a bug to the project team and asked for an option to be disabled.

If it weren’t for users to submit feedback, perhaps we wouldn’t find this at all, because Firefox currently only pushes and tests this feature for a very small number of users.

From the screenshot, there are two sponsor website options in the homepage settings of Firefox. Among them, the sponsored content recommended by Firefox Pocket is previously added.

What’s new is the option to display sponsor content on the new tab page. Originally, these options were not added by Firefox after receiving user feedback.

So if users don’t want to see the sponsor’s website, they only need to disable it in the settings. Of course, these are only for testers of the Firefox nightly.

In this way, the Mozilla should also be able to obtain part of the monetization income, but the current largest income of Firefox is still the Google search share fee.

Via: ghacks