Firefox v100 no longer supports Windows 7

According to the product announcement released by Mozzila, Windows 7 will no longer be supported in the upcoming official version of Mozilla Firefox v100. Of course, users don’t need to worry too much because Windows 7 SP1 is still supported, and the change is because the Firefox browser uses SHA-256 verification. Microsoft started migrating security updates from SHA1 to SHA256 in 2018 to improve security, and by July 30, 2020, Microsoft has completed the migration. Windows 7 does not support SHA256 verification. If you want to support it, you must upgrade to SP1 and install patches such as KB4474419/KB4490628.
Mozilla Firefox 69

Starting from Firefox v100, if the user installs on an unsupported system, the Firefox browser will pop up that the operating system does not support SHA2 as a signature algorithm. The minimum version of SHA2 is also SHA-256, so if the user does not install the patch, the verification cannot be completed.
Solving this problem is also very simple, one only needs to install the Windows 7 SP1 patch and the SHA-256 patch can be installed after the update is complete. Of course, Firefox will not support Windows Vista anyway, and all versions of Windows 8-11 natively support SHA-256.

The official version of Firefox 100 will arrive on May 3, so users, especially enterprise users who still use Firefox, should deploy various security patches as soon as possible.