Firefox Send, free, encrypted file-sharing service is officially launched

A long time ago, the experimental project of the Mozilla began testing the Firefox Send service, which is a free website for online sharing of large files.

Sharing files over the Internet is a very, very simple operation, but why does Firefox also launch this experimental website specifically for this purpose? The main reason is that sharing is simple but it is not easy to ensure safe sharing, so this experimental project was not abandoned.

Why should you share files using Firefox Send:

  • Big file free sharing: This service provides up to 1GB file upload for unlogged-in users, and up to 2.5GB file upload and share for logged-in users.
  • There is no speed limit: there is no speed limit for uploading or downloading files, which means you can upload and share quickly.
  • End-to-end strong encryption: The Mozilla, a privacy defender, provides end-to-end encryption for this service, meaning that no one can steal files midway.
  • After burning, you can set it up: you can set the expiration date or the number of downloads when you share it. If you reach the set conditional link, the invalid file will be deleted immediately.
  • Support for setting passwords: If you prefer, you can set the download password and protect the files you upload with the expiration date and the next time.

The server will only save the file for 24 hours:

It’s important to note that Firefox only keeps files for 24 hours based on security and privacy, which means they are destroyed regardless of whether they download or not. Therefore, Firefox Send cannot be used as a network disk, and can only be used as a kind of fast file transfer and sharing while ensuring security. When you share the file, you should also remind the other party to download as soon as possible, so as to avoid the link timeout being directly deleted from the server due to forgetting the download.

In addition, Firefox will also release the Android version of the Firefox Send app. Users can also share the app directly by installing the app.