Final Fantasy XVI PC version and two DLC are in development

“Final Fantasy XVI,” an RPG masterpiece crafted by Square Enix, made its grand debut on June 22nd this year. In line with an accord with Sony, the title enjoys an exclusive sojourn on the PlayStation 5 for no less than six months. Yet, the eventual odyssey of “Final Fantasy XVI” to the PC realm is a certainty, though a precise chronology remains undisclosed by the official channels.

At PAX West 2023, Square Enix heralded the impending arrival of “Final Fantasy XVI” onto the PC domain, whilst concurrently weaving two distinct DLC versions. Naoki Yoshida, the luminary producer of “Final Fantasy XVI,” exudes hope to unfurl more intricate details about the PC iteration and the duo DLCs before this year’s curtain falls.

“Final Fantasy XVI” also unveiled its v1.10 version, which adorns the gameplay with a chameleon-like skin transformation ability, proffers characters with novel vestments, and introduces an arsenal of new weaponry. This update, in its benevolence, also rectifies certain in-game anomalies. Additionally, Square Enix, in this rendition, has undertaken recalibrations to address issues of lackluster balance. They have revamped the evaluation paradigm for the combat performance in the game’s “Arcade Mode,” ushering in a fresh leaderboard. The erstwhile scoreboard now fades into obsolescence, rendered inoperative.

Previously, Square Enix candidly acknowledged that the sales trajectory of “Final Fantasy XVI” did not quite scale their lofty aspirations, possibly fueling the acceleration of its PC version’s development. Some industry savants postulate that the commercial undertow of “Final Fantasy XVI” roots from its inflated development expenditures and its less than stellar reception in the Western markets. The extended hiatus since its predecessor also potentially diluted the resonance of its IP.

Heeding Square Enix’s prior proclamations, an Xbox rendition of “Final Fantasy XVI” is on the horizon, albeit trailing its PC counterpart.