Fedora Linux 33 reached End of Life

With the release of Fedora 35, Fedora 33 has reached the end of its life cycle. The Fedora community announced that the life cycle of Fedora version 33 will end on November 30, 2021, and that Fedora version 33 will no longer receive any features or security updates, and known vulnerabilities cannot be fixed.

According to Fedora’s update and life cycle strategy, when the new version is released, the previous version only provides a one-month support cycle. After the release of Fedora 35 in early November, it means that Fedora 33 has only a one-month support cycle, so now this version officially ends its life.

fedora 29

Fedora 33 introduces GNOME 3.38 and switches to the btrfs file system by default to replace the old ext4 file system. This is a version with many significant updates. However, after the expiration date, users still have to upgrade to subsequent supported versions in time, such as Fedora 34 or Fedora 35 version
Users can directly download the Fedora 35 image file to perform a new installation, or upgrade Fedora 34 first and then upgrade Fedora 35. Fedora 36 is expected to be released in April next year, which means that Fedora 34 version will expire in May next year.