Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Fedora 31 will no longer support 32-bit kernels

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The proposal to stop building 32-bit x86 (i686) cores for Fedora 31 was approved at the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCO) meeting last Friday.

fedora 29

This meeting also mentioned the issue of whether to remove Fedora’s 32-bit software repository. FESCO discussed this and said they will consider delaying the modification of Fedora 31’s repository. The i686 repository proposal was drafted last weekend and, based on the results of the discussion, Fedora 31 will stop producing and distributing Modular and all i686 repositories. This also makes existing Fedora x86 32-bit users unable to upgrade to Fedora 31, but only the old kernel version.

Source: Phoronix