Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Based on privacy considerations, Germany prohibits schools from using Windows 10 and Office 365

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Although Microsoft’s issues related to the General Data Protection Regulations in the European Union have not been completely resolved, there are already areas that have begun to prevent schools from using Microsoft software. As for the reasons, the German Data Protection and Information Commissioner stated that the above-operating systems and software do not comply with the relevant requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Office 365 Home Subscription Edition

Microsoft has built-in telemetry data modules in the operating system and software to collect user data on operating systems or software for improvement. The solution Microsoft previously provided was to provide a special version of these operating systems and software, and its telemetry data was sent to Microsoft’s data center in Europe. But recently Microsoft canceled the project to send all telemetry data directly to the US data center, and German regulators are also very dissatisfied with Microsoft’s approach.

Regulators believe that Microsoft’s policy also affects other solution providers, and many providers’ privacy policies are not transparent enough and are not easy to understand. Therefore, it is impossible for schools to use the software provided by these providers to meet privacy requirements. The school also has the responsibility to protect the data of all teachers and students.

In view of the above, there are currently not many options available for schools. If you want to continue using Microsoft software, you only have Windows 7 and Office 2016. Office 2016 must also be a special boxed version, and other versions of Microsoft that provide security support do not meet regulatory requirements.

It’s unclear how this affects schools in Hesse, but the easiest and straightforward way for Microsoft is to reinstate the European data center.

Via: itwire