Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Father of C++ says that he hates Bitcoin written in the language he created

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Bjarne Stroustrup, the father of C++ language, actually said that he does not like Bitcoin written in the language he wrote. In a recent podcast interview, Stroustrup talked about his experience with programmers using C++ in such a wide range of applications.

Stroustrup compares the release of C++ to creating a tool because it has no control over how it will be used. He said, “You try to improve the tool by looking at how it’s being used, and when people cut their fingers off, and try and stop that from happening. But really, you have no control over how something is used.”

Next, Stroustrup also mentioned that Bitcoin was written by Nakamoto in C++. He added, “So, I’m very happy and proud of some of the things [that] C++ is being used [for], and some of the things I wish people wouldn’t do. Bitcoin mining being my favorite example, [it] uses as much energy as Switzerland and mostly serves criminals.”

In fact, the debate surrounding the energy consumption of bitcoin mining is real, and the fact that Bitcoin “mostly” facilitates criminal activity is unproven.

Via: thenextweb