Facebook encounters a violent DDoS attack that prevents most applications from accessing properly?

Current, Facebook and many of the company’s well-known applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. are not accessible. Now, Facebook has confirmed this problem and said that it is under investigation. What is interesting is that the official announcements issued by Facebook have been posted on Twitter. Usually, most major news Facebook will only be published on their platform, this time there is no way to spread the current downtime message except Twitter.

Facebook sold private message

It is not uncommon for a top-level website such as Facebook to encounter traffic attacks, but it is very difficult to completely attack the entire service. As for the cause of the attack, most netizens speculate that it may be related to Facebook’s recent privacy scandal. Since the beginning of last year, Facebook has been continually experiencing a privacy scandal. Compared with the leakage of the user’s account password caused by a security incident, Facebook’s direct sale of the user’s privacy to the advertiser is unacceptable to countless users.

The Facebook official does not currently recognize attacks that are blocked by anonymous hackers. Facebook only indicates that it is aware of the problem and is investigating the cause and restoring access as soon as possible. Coincidentally, many of the services of Google yesterday also experienced large-scale downtime problems. The official news from Google was also caused by software failures that caused service downtime. It is also rare for large-scale downtimes on two top-level websites. It is not clear whether there is a potential connection between Google and Facebook’s massive downtime.