F5 has completed the acquisition of NGINX

F5 officially announced that it has completed the acquisition of NGINX. It was just two months since F5 announced the agreement to acquire NGINX.

The acquired NGINX now belongs to a business unit of F5 and continues to focus on existing open source projects and commercial products. F5 and NGINX’s engineering and product teams will work closely together to accelerate the development of the NGINX Controller and integrate NGINX and F5 technologies to develop new products.

F5 acquires NGINX

Image: nginx

F5 and NGINX will deliver cloud-based application services in all environments, providing the ease of use and flexibility developers need, while providing the scale, security, reliability and enterprise applicability required by the network operations team.

For the shared vision of open source and commercial technology, F5 said it will continue to promote the development of open source – after all, this is the core value of NGINX.