September 30, 2020

Enable the Windows 10X keyboard on the Windows 10

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Because of the serious delay in the development of Windows 10X, Microsoft has decided to migrate to the normal version of the functions originally on Windows 10X.

For example, the Windows 10X Keyboard has now been ported to Windows 10, and it can be opened and used in the development version.

But Microsoft does not provide it directly, so we need to use some small tools to enable it. After enabling it, you can use the new version of the touch keyboard on the touch screen device. It should also be emphasized here that this function only supports Windows 10 Dev.

The new version of the touch keyboard has updated the style and added more functions than the previous version. For example, the style has been replaced with the Microsoft smooth design system, which looks light and smart.

In terms of functions, besides the original emoticons, it also supports direct search of emoticons. In terms of functions, it supports various special symbols to meet the needs of users.

At present, the new version of the touch keyboard is only tested in the beta version. If it is fast, it may arrive this fall, and if it is slow, it may have to wait until May next year.

How to enable the Windows 10X keyboard on the Windows 10


  • Windows 10 build 20185 (currently available for the Dev channel)
  • Vivetool (available on GitHub here)

You launch PowerShell with administrator rights and navigate to the folder where Vivetool files are stored. Next, type the following command in PowerShell:

.\vivetool.exe addconfig 20438551 2

After the command prompt is executed successfully, restart the computer. After restarting, right-click the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop and select the “Show touch keyboard button” option, and then you can experience it yourself.

Via: Softpedia