Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

elementary OS 5.1.2 Hera releases: beautiful Linux distro

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Elementary OS is a well-polished desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, known as the most beautiful Linux distribution. In fact, Elementary was originally a theme beautification project in Ubuntu and later evolved into a standalone distribution due to its popularity. On its official website, elementary OS introduces itself to a fast, open-source alternative to Windows / macOS.Elementary OS is a derivative of Ubuntu so it’s fully compatible with all Ubuntu packages. Although based on Ubuntu, it abandoned many of the default Ubuntu applications and used many lightweight alternatives. For example, the mail program uses Geary Mail instead of ThunderBird, the terminal uses the Pantheon Terminal, the text editor uses Scratch, the music player uses noise, the file manager is Pantheon Files and so on.

This beautiful Linux distribution reference a lot of macOS design elements, to provide users with a more concise experience. elementary OS from the appearance of the interface to the system of various design elements is a very beautiful, strong force! If you want to experience the beautiful interface with Linux design, you may wish to consider it.

Changelog v5.1.2

  • comes pre-built with all of the latest goodies from the January updates, as well as a few important hardware and security updates. These include the latest 18.04.3 hardware enablement (HWE) stack provided by Ubuntu, plus a security fix for sudo.
  • using the 5.3 Linux kernel which also improves support for newer devices and peripherals—especially AMD Navi GPUs and 2015 MacBook keyboards and trackpads.