Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Dutch regulators believe that Microsoft Windows 10 violates privacy laws

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A long time ago, the Dutch regulator responsible for user privacy data security found that Windows 10 data collected by Microsoft through telemetry violated Dutch regulations. At the time, Microsoft was very concerned about this matter and improved the settings in subsequent updates to provide users with clearer data collection settings. This setting is actually the prompt that we first enter the system after installing Windows 10, and the user can manually set it in the installation interface.

Windows 10 mapped network drive

The Dutch regulator said that Microsoft still remotely collects system and software usage records for Windows 10 Home and Professional users through telemetry. Although Microsoft has been adjusted before, the Dutch Data Protection Agency has been tested and found to be problematic. These collected data violate local laws and regulations in the Netherlands. To this end, the Dutch Data Protection Agency has transferred the relevant findings and data to the Irish data protection agency, because Microsoft’s headquarters in Europe is located in Ireland.

Via: TechCrunch