DIY player homemade improved version AirPods Pro charging case

Apple has released its AirPods product line for numerous years now, and many early adopters’ earphones and charging cases are likely declining in performance. Given Apple’s virtually irreplaceable shell design, replacing the AirPods battery is almost as expensive as purchasing a new set. Despite the availability of cheap battery replacement services on various platforms, customers remain skeptical of third-party repairs. However, original AirPods Pro users now have a method to try and upgrade their charging case.

A YouTube personality, Ken Pillonel, has recently developed an enhanced version of the AirPods Pro charging case. He has previously modified iPhones to use USB-C ports and Samsung phones to use Lightning ports, proving his inventive nature. This time, his AirPods Pro charging case emulates Apple’s original design but modifies it for easy disassembly, making future battery replacements straightforward. Of course, he has also switched to a USB-C charging interface, which Apple is rumored to adopt in the next generation of AirPods Pro.

Ken Pillonel has previously converted the AirPods Pro charging case to use a USB-C port but retained the original shell. Now, through 3D printing, he has reconstructed a charging case shell with high fidelity. He employed 3D scanning to remodel the original case and conveniently changed the fixation method to facilitate disassembly. In contrast, Apple’s original version uses ultrasonic bonding, rendering it practically irreparable once dismantled. As such, iFixit has given it an irreparable rating.

Ken Pillonel has freely shared the model file for this enhanced charging case. Everyone is welcome to 3D print and assemble it themselves, especially if they wish to replace the charging case battery. A fan of generous open-sourcing, Ken Pillonel hopes that his initiative will help reduce electronic waste and promote a culture of conscious consumption and technological innovation.