Apple may launch new AirPods Pro this fall, with USB-C, ear temperature and hearing test functions

In an autumnal unveiling expected this year, Apple is set to introduce the new iPhone 15 series, replete with USB-C connectivity, alongside a contemporaneously launched, USB-C-equipped iteration of AirPods Pro. This version will likely incorporate ear temperature and hearing aid capabilities, as reported by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

Apple intends to empower the AirPods Pro with an ear temperature measurement function, which, when compared to the body temperature measurement feature found in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, could yield a more accurate set of data.

Simultaneously, the tech giant is also expected to bolster the new AirPods Pro with a hearing assistance feature, capable of adjusting the output power of sound based on the wearer’s auditory capacity. This not only augments the user’s hearing ability through the earphones but also signifies a potential foray by Apple into the affordable hearing aid market.

In the past, Apple acquired a technical patent in 2014 that allowed headphones to gather data related to the user’s heart rate, body temperature, and perspiration. Subsequently, they even proposed the inclusion of a Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor to monitor and record the wearer’s heart rate and subcutaneous blood flow in the ear during usage, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the user’s physiological changes.

At present, users can utilize the ‘Live Listen’ feature to use their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a microphone, relaying sound to the AirPods. This capability enables clear conversations in noisy environments or even listening to a discussion taking place at the opposite end of a room. Additionally, the ‘Conversation Boost’ feature makes it easier for users with slight hearing impairments to hear other people’s voices through their AirPods.